National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, and what better way to begin preparing for the summer season than eating healthier – for less!  Eating healthier can be difficult and expensive, so we have included these 5 easy tips to help you add to your nutritional repertoire without adding to your budget: 1.       Eat before you shop. Avoid letting your eyes grow bigger than your stomach.  Beat … Continue reading National Nutrition Month

How to Keep Illness and Prescriptions From Plaguing Your Pocketbook

You can never anticipate an illness approaching, and with prescriptions and doctor visits, the price adds up! I know there have been many times that I have gotten up to three prescriptions filled over just one sinus infection. With no time to plan ahead and prepare, you may find yourself spending more money than you had hoped! Here are some tips to help you save money even if you are feeling under the weather:

•Buy Generic. Brand-name drugs are much more pricey than generic. And studies by the FDA show that the average amount you would save by choosing generic over brand-name drugs is about $67! Also, all generic drugs have met the same requirements that their equivalent brand-name drug is required to meet. So basically, for the same drug you can save a lot more money! Continue reading “How to Keep Illness and Prescriptions From Plaguing Your Pocketbook”