Gifting guide for the holidays

The month of December entails extensive shopping for holiday gifts, decorations and not to mention those once-a-year deals that altogether can take much effort and planning. If you could use some help with year-end holiday shopping, here are a few general guidelines: Buy earlier: Champagne – For this festive drink, deals are sweeter closer to the beginning of December, or further away from Christmas Day … Continue reading Gifting guide for the holidays

Small ways to save big on holiday gifts

When it comes to saving on holiday gift shopping, next to general saving guidelines like sticking to your budget and knowing when to buy what, there are also a number of small tips to save here and there while you’re shopping. Although each may seem small, these mini-savings can really stack up. So as you go through checking off items on your gift list this … Continue reading Small ways to save big on holiday gifts

Beware of your gifting spirit this holiday season

As the calendar turns from November to December, the holiday season seems to be going in full swing. Christmas lights are already at some places and the holiday gift “potentials” are already on display. The holiday spirit is running high. You might have already put together a list of gifts to buy this year. While the feeling of gift-giving is fuzzy and fitting for the … Continue reading Beware of your gifting spirit this holiday season

Start early to save on holiday shopping

Start early and save on holiday shopping

Last week we shared some resources to help you save on Halloween shopping (you might still be able to utilize them for the any last-minute Halloween preparations today!) Out of the Halloween context, many of these resources are still useful for the upcoming year-end holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. What will work? Utilizing technology to compare prices and search for deals, as well … Continue reading Start early and save on holiday shopping

Plan Now

We are coming up on the holidays yet again and it is time to start thinking ahead to your gift planning. Here’s a recycled post – timeless advice to help plan for the holidays without becoming overwhelmed.

  • Build a Budget. Create a gift-giving budget and commit to it.
  • Start Shopping Now. Take advantage of fall savings and start shopping for your gifts now. There are only a few months left until the holidays, so spread your expenses out instead of buying gifts all at once. Continue reading “Plan Now”

A Frugal Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner – less than three weeks away! Don’t wait until the last minute to get a gift for Dad and end up spending a lot more than expected. Here are some great ideas for inexpensive gifts this Father’s Day. Make him his favorite meal at home! On Father’s Day restaurants are usually packed. Skip all the hustle and bustle … Continue reading A Frugal Father’s Day

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Your Graduate

Receiving a graduation invitation in the mail should be an exciting time, not a time to stress about gifts and money. Just because you receive an invitation does not mean you are receiving an invite to spend a lot of money! Here are some great gift ideas for the frugal buyer that any recent grad would enjoy – and will also not burn a hole in your pocketbook!

  • Make something! Often times gifts that are made, not bought can be more sentimental and touching than anything money can buy. Consider making a photo album or scrapbook of the recent grads memories over the past few years of high school or college!
  • Create a gift basket. Sometimes buying multiple inexpensive items actually looks like more than one large gift. Make a gift basket for the grad including essentials for their plans post graduation (if a high school grad has college in the new future, stock them up with inexpensive dorm accessories, notebooks, pencils and study treats!) Continue reading “Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Your Graduate”

Save on Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just a few days away now. Want to get mom a great gift but stay within your budget? Well check out! Overstock is a great source for gifts at a highly discounted price. From anything like shoes to kitchenware, jewelry to bedding, they have it! This online store also offers many promotions during certain times of the year, like free shipping … Continue reading Save on Mom This Mother’s Day