Food savings from your pantry and fridge

Food savings don’t always come from coupons. Sometimes you can save on groceries simply by looking through your pantry and freezer first. Working with what you already have, you can skip a trip to the groceries store and make sure your spent dollars on food don’t go to waste. February is an ideal time for an “inventory” of your pantry and freezer. Foods stored in … Continue reading Food savings from your pantry and fridge

How to Preserve Food and Save on Groceries

Americans throw away 40% of their food every year, according to a study by Natural Resources Defense Council.  Knowing how to preserve your food can help space out your grocery shopping trips and save the medical costs from food-related illness. Here are some quick, simple tips to keep your food safe for longer: Look at the perishable foods you have before making a shopping list … Continue reading How to Preserve Food and Save on Groceries

Red, white and blue dishes for cheap

While BBQs have always been a classic for July 4, you can still incorporate red, white and blue vegetable and fruit side dishes to celebrate the flag’s holiday and keep the summer cook-out cool. Even better, with the right ingredients, you can celebrate on the cheap! For our readers, we’ve aggregated by color some vegetables and fruits that are in season and so are sold … Continue reading Red, white and blue dishes for cheap

National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, and what better way to begin preparing for the summer season than eating healthier – for less!  Eating healthier can be difficult and expensive, so we have included these 5 easy tips to help you add to your nutritional repertoire without adding to your budget: 1.       Eat before you shop. Avoid letting your eyes grow bigger than your stomach.  Beat … Continue reading National Nutrition Month

Fourth of July Savings

This weekend is July 4th weekend! Take advantage of savings this Independence Day on anything from groceries to supply your BBQ to new electronics. In celebration of our nation’s holiday, many grocery stores are offering savings on hamburger meat, buns, chips and drinks. Don’t miss out and be sure to stock up! Other items besides food can be bought at a discounted price as well … Continue reading Fourth of July Savings

Savings in the Month of June

June is National Dairy Month! National Dairy Month was created to remind people how important milk and other dairy products are for our health. Be on the lookout for sales and specials on dairy products – check out your local grocery stores to see which are participating! And don’t forget that you can take advantage of these savings even more by buying in bulk and … Continue reading Savings in the Month of June

Savings in the Month of March

As spring approaches us, there are many smart buys ahead. For example, the Month of March is National Frozen Food Month. Look for discounts and coupons offered on many frozen food items. Visit for more information on National Frozen Food Month. There are many links posted such as easy home meals and even a sweepstakes. Also, remember to take advantage of coupons on all … Continue reading Savings in the Month of March

Save on Food and Groceries!

Food is a major budget category for most. Try these tips to cut back on your food expenses: Cook whenever you can. The money spent on one meal out can generally fund several days of home-cooked meals. (there are some great cookbooks for quick, easy meals, like The 5:30 Challenge – which claims each recipe requires 5 ingredients or less, and only 30-minutes to prepare.) … Continue reading Save on Food and Groceries!

Thanksgiving Dinner on a Dime

Thanksgiving dinner can get expensive, so try these tips to save money on preparing your feast this year!

  • Plan ahead and make only one trip to the grocery. Make a list of all ingredients you will need and make one trip to your local grocery store. Many stores offer discounts for spending a certain amount at once. Take advantage of these deals and don’t wait until the last minute! Also check for coupons. Continue reading “Thanksgiving Dinner on a Dime”