Here is a Quick Tip on How to Save Money on Groceries

Here’s a quick tip to save some money on groceries, though it may cost you in other ways. Buying food in prepared  or ready-to-eat packages is often really expensive!  Instead, try buying fresh foods.  As an example, carrots in pre-washed, pre-cut, and ready-to-eat form are MUCH more expensive than the bag of regular carrots. Buying flavored oatmeal (including sugar and spices) is much more expensive … Continue reading Here is a Quick Tip on How to Save Money on Groceries

September is for Saving

The highly anticipated month of September is finally here! It’s an exciting time whether you are into football, or are looking for a change in season. For us savers, September is also great for its big discounts for Labor Day and beyond! Here are some purchases where you can save this month: Buys from last season – Now that September officially marks the beginning of … Continue reading September is for Saving

Smart shopping with apps

Following up with our post on how you can conveniently and instantly manage your finances on your smartphone and tablet, here are other popular apps to help you save everyday: Save on gas GasBuddy – This app searches for the cheapest reported gas price close to where you are and directions to get to each station. This comes in very handy every time you fill … Continue reading Smart shopping with apps

Coupons: Get Over it and Use Them!

If someone was to give you $10 or $20 extra a month, with no strings attached, would you take it? Why wouldn’t you? Well, I believe that not nearly enough people are taking advantage of the “free” money that stores and other organizations are giving away in the form of coupons.

For some, it can be quite relaxing to get up early on a Sunday morning, get your newspaper, coffee and scissors and sit back and clip some savings for yourself or your family. Continue reading “Coupons: Get Over it and Use Them!”