Holiday Payback – Part 3

As the first month in 2012 is coming to a close, how are your finances looking after the 2011 holiday season? Are you making a conscious effort to pay back that debt? To finish up our series on how you can save to reduce your debt, try out these few tips to get back into gear! Pass on extended warranties. When offered an extended warranty … Continue reading Holiday Payback – Part 3

Holiday Payback – Part 2

With the 2011 holiday season being deemed a retail “success,” people are struggling with their debt in January 2012. Continuing with last week’s post, here are some ways to cut back reasonably painlessly in order to pay down your debt. Stop buying bottled waters or sodas – Instead of using the vending machine at work or school; buy a 12 or 24 pack of waters … Continue reading Holiday Payback – Part 2