Americans Cutting Back on Medicines & Doctor Visits

A recent report issued by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics found that Americans have been cutting back on their doctor visits and use of medicines. Experts feel that this is a sign people are still struggling to pay for personal healthcare. Certainly the need for visits to the doctor and prescription drugs has not decreased.  In fact, the drug industry introduced many new medicines … Continue reading Americans Cutting Back on Medicines & Doctor Visits

Save Money on Prescription Medications

Prescription medications can become expensive, especially after the cost of a trip to the doctor. But whether your insurance co-pay is $15 or $50, you can save money on prescriptions with the following two options. Ask your doctor for a list of comparable over-the-counter medications instead of a prescription. Depending on your illness, he may allow you to take an over-the-counter alternative with a different … Continue reading Save Money on Prescription Medications

Save Money with Generic Over-the-Counter Medicine

Are you looking for a way to save money when buying medicine? It is simple, buy the generic store brand! With the mass amounts of over-the-counter medicines available to you, it can be hard to decide on which brand to buy. If you are looking to save money, generic brands are the way to go. In many cases, if not almost all, national brand and … Continue reading Save Money with Generic Over-the-Counter Medicine

Healthcare Savings – Save on Prescription Drugs

If you are tired of paying for expensive medications, you could probably benefit from the prescription savings that many pharmacies offer. Besides just asking your doctor if the medicine comes in generic form, there is another action you can take in order to save!

As Clark Howard discussed yesterday on HLN, many stores offer $4 prescriptions and have a list of these medications on their website. What he suggested is to print out the list and the next time you make a trip to the doctor bring it with you. Then ask your doctor if any of the $4 medications on the list would be sufficient for your illness or maybe even an equivalent of what he intended to prescribe you. It never hurts to ask and you may be receiving a medication that will work the same way for only $4! Continue reading “Healthcare Savings – Save on Prescription Drugs”