The Guide to Giving (And Saving) This Holiday Season

You’ve still got enough turkey for three armies in that freezer. You know what time of year it is.Thanksgiving pies have been gobbled, but the gingerbread’s in the oven and the shopping has only begun. You’ve got nine days to get those presents. How are you going to make it? How are you going to make it?! Don’t panic. We have some tips for you. Make … Continue reading The Guide to Giving (And Saving) This Holiday Season

Don’t Spend More to Save on Sales

Although sales for the consumer usually mean savings, for retail shops and businesses they are simply tactics to boost purchases. For this reason, not all sales are created equal – for some you might not get an actual bargain or worse, end up paying more. To avoid this, here are some signs to look twice at a “sale”: 10 for $10 – This tactic can … Continue reading Don’t Spend More to Save on Sales

Would you book your next vacation with Sears?

We are all familiar with Sears for its home appliances and goods. But did you know vacations are now in store, too? Well, maybe not literally “in store,” but the retailer did launch last week. Sears’ new online service provides vacation and travel packages, including adjustable flight-hotel-car rentals combinations, resorts and cruise search. This move from Sears certainly caught us by surprise, and we … Continue reading Would you book your next vacation with Sears?

Week 2 of 2: Back to School Savings

Last week we discussed how to save on school supplies for the upcoming school year. This week we will discuss ways to save on clothing. Try these money-savings strategies when shopping for uniforms or clothing for back to school:

  • Don’t opt out hand-me-downs. If uniforms are required, try to find an older sibling, friend or neighbor who you can borrow or purchase their used uniforms.
  • Sell your gently-used uniforms for cash. There are some consignment stores specifically for school uniforms. If there is not one in your area, you can always put the word out that you are selling your child’s used uniforms – if they are still in good condition!
  • Buy used uniforms. Try visiting a local consignment store. You may also get lucky and find backpacks and other items for less! Continue reading “Week 2 of 2: Back to School Savings”

Plan a Budget Friendly Trip

With the last six weeks of summer upon us, you may be in search of some resources to help you plan a budget friendly trip. We have already done the searching and have come across some fabulous finds for your end of summer getaway. Visit this travel saver website to find out where you can travel that is within your own personal budget. All you … Continue reading Plan a Budget Friendly Trip

Save on Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just a few days away now. Want to get mom a great gift but stay within your budget? Well check out! Overstock is a great source for gifts at a highly discounted price. From anything like shoes to kitchenware, jewelry to bedding, they have it! This online store also offers many promotions during certain times of the year, like free shipping … Continue reading Save on Mom This Mother’s Day

Coupons: Get Over it and Use Them!

If someone was to give you $10 or $20 extra a month, with no strings attached, would you take it? Why wouldn’t you? Well, I believe that not nearly enough people are taking advantage of the “free” money that stores and other organizations are giving away in the form of coupons.

For some, it can be quite relaxing to get up early on a Sunday morning, get your newspaper, coffee and scissors and sit back and clip some savings for yourself or your family. Continue reading “Coupons: Get Over it and Use Them!”