Week 1 of 2: Back to School Savings

Most of the excitement that comes with a new school year is the new school supplies and clothing. Over the next two weeks we will discuss savings on clothing and supplies for the upcoming school year. Whether you are shopping for your kids or a college student paying for yourself, it is not necessary to break the bank! Consider these tips when shopping for back to school supplies:

  • Shop year round! Always be on the lookout for notebooks, pens, pencils, or calculators on sale. When you find something, go ahead and buy it and pack it away until you need. You never know when something may come up and it may not be the best month to spend the extra money. Shop smart and buy when you can.
  • Rent textbooks. If you are a college student looking to save some money on textbooks, consider renting instead of buying. You will spend a lot less and avoid being told that the bookstore is no longer using your book anymore when trying to sell it back! Continue reading “Week 1 of 2: Back to School Savings”

Don’t Buy Textbooks, Rent!

Now that we are beginning to settle in to the new semester, you are probably sure which books you do need and do not need to buy. Well, in fact, you don’t need to buy any books at all!

Chegg.com is a great resource for renting books for classes. They even allow you to rent for a quarter of a semester, a whole semester or 60-days. The fewer amount of days you will need to have the book rented, the cheaper the rental price is! This site also allows a 30-day “any reason” guarantee. If for any reason you drop a course or do not need the book anymore, you can return it for your full money back! Continue reading “Don’t Buy Textbooks, Rent!”