Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Ted Talks are videos posted every week from people who want to share their passion. This video is from Shlomo Benartzi who uses behavioral economics to study how and why we plan well for the future (or fail to), and uses that to develop new programs to encourage saving for retirement. Here are his thoughts about retirement and how we can all plan for our … Continue reading Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Getting The Most From Your 401(k)

The 401(k) may well be the best investment tool ever for building long-term wealth, and many people don’t take advantage of it. Is it time to take a second look at your 401(k)? Here are six ways you can maximize your retirement savings starting right now — even if your plan only offers a few investment options. You’ll be amazed by the difference it can … Continue reading Getting The Most From Your 401(k)

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Two costly misconceptions in retirement planning

Planning and saving for retirement are among the most important aspects of personal finance. After working hard for the majority of adult life, most look forward to winding down and enjoying a comfortable lifestyle during retirement. While more people are aware of the importance of saving ahead for your retirement, there are still two general mistakes that can be costly down the road: 1. Not … Continue reading Two costly misconceptions in retirement planning

College Graduates – Pay Attention!

The class of 2012 will graduate with more than two-thirds of students in debt of an average of $25,000 in student loans! According to a recent article by the Wall Street Journal, this student loan debt is in addition to the average of $4,000 in credit card debt. Whether you have a job lined up or not, it is your job to: Establish a plan … Continue reading College Graduates – Pay Attention!