Tailgate on the Cheap

Following our last post on why we are very excited for this month, as we enter the second week of September, football season is now also in full swing. It is the time to celebrate your favorite team with family and friends – and saving without skimming the fun will be the cherry on top! Here are some tips for your next tailgate: Pool a … Continue reading Tailgate on the Cheap

September is for Saving

The highly anticipated month of September is finally here! It’s an exciting time whether you are into football, or are looking for a change in season. For us savers, September is also great for its big discounts for Labor Day and beyond! Here are some purchases where you can save this month: Buys from last season – Now that September officially marks the beginning of … Continue reading September is for Saving

September National Yoga Month

We have discussed before the close relationship between physical health and financial wellbeing. When you are healthy, you spend less on doctor’s visits, medications and much much more! One of the best ways to a healthier mind and body is yoga – and September is national yoga month. Get started by visiting http://www.yogamonth.org/ to learn about yoga day and even look for free yoga classes … Continue reading September National Yoga Month