Improve Your Odds of Keeping 2012 Financial Resolutions

With the New Year just beginning, why not make it your most productive year yet! Below are a number of tips that can help you become more productive in your life and with your finances. Make a Do-Not-Do List – Instead of an average to do list, create a list that says what you will not do. It can be for the day, week, month, … Continue reading Improve Your Odds of Keeping 2012 Financial Resolutions

Goals, shopping enthusiasm, and timing

Managing your money and putting a priority on your goals sometimes means giving up “extras” in the short term.  How can you do it without feeling like you are depriving yourself of the fun of spontaneous shopping? First – try the obvious – don’t shop!  However, if you are out with friends and stumble onto the perfect (insert you selected item here), try to tell … Continue reading Goals, shopping enthusiasm, and timing

Become Financially Healthy in 2010

One of the most increasingly popular New Year’s resolutions year after year is to become financially healthy, while at the same time money worries for many Americans have also steadily increased. Have you made a resolution to save money in the New Year? It is only February, but have you already started breaking it? If so we are going to list some steps to help you keep your resolution and stay on track to financial freedom.

With only one month behind us, you still have plenty time to become financially healthy in 2010. Here are some tips to help you stay with your resolution and see a change in your finances this year:

  • Write down your goals. Putting your goals down in writing is a great starting point and also a good reminder of what you are trying to achieve and how to do so. By putting your goals on paper first, you will have a clear representation of what you must do to achieve these goals and are more likely to stick to it. Continue reading “Become Financially Healthy in 2010”