Lessons from the Olympians

The Summer Olympics 2012 is now exactly 10 days away! With that, we turned to Team USA for insights on money management. As it turns out, the athletes’ pursuit of Olympics gold follows the same principles that you, too, can use to reach your financial goals! Have an end goal and a plan While the Olympians share a common goal to represent Team USA, we … Continue reading Lessons from the Olympians

Reuse your July 4 decorations!

Had plenty of red, white and blue props from your July 4 party last week? Lucky you can use them twice this year! The Summer Olympics 2012 is right around the corner on July 27. Have a watch party to cheer on Team USA with family and friends, while not wasting more money or the decorations you already bought! (And then of course you can … Continue reading Reuse your July 4 decorations!