Money Leftovers Are Nice Too

The average Thanksgiving dinner is right under $50, but it’s still nice to hold on to a few presidents instead of stale stuffing. These are some good tips for keeping in mind as you plan for Thanksgiving, and really, any other dinner party in the future. Plan your Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night. Crazy, I know, but then you could take advantage of all of … Continue reading Money Leftovers Are Nice Too

The (Tur) Keys to Money Gobbles This Thanksgiving

Before we can even put a bite of mom’s stuffing into our mouths, the cost of holidays indiscriminately chow down on our bank accounts; and believe me, they do not care to share. Between November 1st and December 16th, $52 million are spent annually on holiday shopping in the United States. An average family will spend at least $312 over the Thanksgiving weekend. Shoppers end up spending an … Continue reading The (Tur) Keys to Money Gobbles This Thanksgiving

How To: Thanksgiving on a Budget

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with family and give back to your community, but the actual meal preparations can sometimes be a bit more expensive that you’re ready for. Luckily, in the Internet Age there’s a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. There are articles and tips, recipes and more just waiting for you to utilize. Here you can find a full menu … Continue reading How To: Thanksgiving on a Budget

How to Have a Traditional Thanksgiving Feast on a Budget

Thanksgiving is a time when most households celebrate with the largest meal of the year.  While this means full plates and happy guests, it can also place a huge expense on the host or hostess of the turkey-day gathering.  Below are some money saving tips that will ensure both your guests and your wallet stay full. Let’s start with the turkey himself.  Although birds from … Continue reading How to Have a Traditional Thanksgiving Feast on a Budget

Quick Thanksgiving saving tips

Thanksgiving is a big-scale holiday that brings to mind the word “plentiful” in many ways: a gathering of many people, extensive preparation and plenty of food. However, this often also means big expenses and unfortunately, a lot of food going to waste after the big feast. Don’t let this happen to you this year – use these quick, simple tips to maximize your Thanksgiving spending: … Continue reading Quick Thanksgiving saving tips

Start early to save on holiday shopping

Start early and save on holiday shopping

Last week we shared some resources to help you save on Halloween shopping (you might still be able to utilize them for the any last-minute Halloween preparations today!) Out of the Halloween context, many of these resources are still useful for the upcoming year-end holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. What will work? Utilizing technology to compare prices and search for deals, as well … Continue reading Start early and save on holiday shopping

A Frugal Feast

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Actually less than two weeks away, can you believe it? Start planning now to save on what can easily become a very expensive holiday. Take these money-saving tips into consideration when planning your feast: Buy a larger turkey – Sounds like you would be spending more right? Wrong! The larger turkeys are usually cheaper (by the pound) so buy … Continue reading A Frugal Feast