It’s Throwback Thursday! (or Throwback Tipsday) With Spring Break coming up we thought we’d share an oldie, but goodie post about tips for saving money on Spring Break that are still applicable today! https://moneytoolsforlife.wordpress.com/2012/03/ If you have any helpful tips that you think we have missed please feel free to share them in the comment section below! Continue reading #TBT

Don’t Go Breaking My Bank: 8 Valentine Dates for College Kids

Everyone wants to make this time of year special, but on a budget it’s difficult to do something more romantic than dinner and a movie. If only you knew someone that could come up with some good ideas for you… Oh, wait! You do! Here are some things to consider before compromising your budget, even if they may be worth it. These are red hot classics. … Continue reading Don’t Go Breaking My Bank: 8 Valentine Dates for College Kids

Money Leftovers Are Nice Too

The average Thanksgiving dinner is right under $50, but it’s still nice to hold on to a few presidents instead of stale stuffing. These are some good tips for keeping in mind as you plan for Thanksgiving, and really, any other dinner party in the future. Plan your Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night. Crazy, I know, but then you could take advantage of all of … Continue reading Money Leftovers Are Nice Too

Selling Back Your Textbooks

Does it pain you to spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks each semester when you know that you won’t need them after finals and you can only sell them back to the bookstore for pennies on the dollar? Trying to sell your used textbooks can be difficult, especially if they aren’t in the best shape after a long semester of all-nighters (stains, rips, marks, etc.). … Continue reading Selling Back Your Textbooks